La phénologie en tant que bio-indicateur du changement climatique

La phénologie en tant que bio-indicateur du changement climatique

Keynote speaker

  • Global warming – Does it cause an increasing risk of damages due to spring frost? - Bianca Plückhahn  S3_23_Plueckhahn.pdf
  • Habitat conditions should not be ignored when analysing plant phenology and its relation to plant functional traits in herbaceous species - Christine Römermann  S3_10_Römermann.pdf
  • Long term fruiting response to climate in the mid elevation evergreen forests of southern Western Ghats, India - Thyagarajan  S3_23_Thyagarajan.pdf
  • Phenological advance of Jacaranda Bloom in Gauteng Province, South Africa - Jennifer Fitchett  S3_23_Fitchett.pdf
  • The effects of microclimate change on forets understorey flowering phenology - Eline Lorer  S3_23_Lorer.pdf
  • The illusion of declining temperature sensitivity with warming - E. M. Wolkovich  S3_23_Wolkovich.pdf
  • The sensitivity of ginkgo leaf unfolding to the temperature and photoperiod decreases with increasing elevation - Zhaofei Wu  S3-23_Wu.pdf
  • Time is everything: Phenology, Climate Change and Conservation in highly diverse ecosystems - Patrícia Morellato  S3_23_MORELLATO.pdf

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