Annual crop Observatory

Annual crop Observatory

The Annual Crops Observatory is represented by large number of members that the map below presents unit by unit.

This observatory is interested in phenology dates for annual crops grown in France: wheat, corn, rapeseed, sunflower.... Currently, there are several sources (databases) of phenological


data of these crops. Some of these databases are organized and structured but their data are not shared or access to them is restricted. Others are not organized and are scattered over many units and teams that work on these species.

Thus, the Annual Crop Observatory has the objective to implement a series of actions to structure and leverage this data. The main objectives of this observatory are:

  • Formalization of phenology observation scales for a number of species,
  • Definition of observation protocols shared between systems,
  • Identification of metadata required to characterize phenological observations.

Currently this observatory is made up of twenty partners, including most of INRAE's experimental units as well as professional and technical institutes (ARVALIS, GEVES).

Manager :

Inaki Garcia de Cortazar Atauri

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