TEMPO runs various actions across the country.

The actions taken aim to

  1. Collect, save and disseminate all the phenological observations carried out by TEMPO members.
  2. Harmonize and standardize observation protocols between different observatories in order to ensure the data quality.
  3. Understand and model the genetic and environmental determinism of phenology.
  4. Organize and stimulate the scientific community around cross-disciplinary scientific issues.

TEMPO's added value includes

  1. Taking part in the capitalization of data that help our understanding of the impacts of climate change on agro-ecosystems.
  2. Disseminating as widely as possible, in accordance with the standards and existing information systems (PNDB and PATRINATGBIFOZCARTHEIAGeo BONPEP 725) phenological data for the entire living world.
  3. Structuring and optimizing the tools and methodologies dedicated to observing phenology.
  4. Encouraging multidisciplinary research projects as well as the cross-functionality and genericity of its tools.

Modification date: 11 September 2023 | Publication date: 18 December 2017 | By: INRAE